Business Directory Terms & Conditions

1. The Surrey Heath Online Business Directory may be used for Business to Business Marketing provided the Council is notified of any alterations to data and that companies are a member of a properly accredited body such as the Direct Marketing Association or Periodical Publishers Association. Please note the Council does not check or verify the businesses listed.

2. All businesses can be included in this list for an annual fee of £35 including VAT. However businesses based in Surrey Heath receive a 50% discount and pay £17.50. This annual fee must be paid online on the date of entry creation or annual renewal date. If the payment has not been received two weeks after new entry creation or two weeks after the renewal date, the Web Team have the right to remove the entry from the online directory.

Please note: all charity and community organisations can be included in the online directory free of charge.

3. Changes must be updated by notifying , and it is helpful is as many field as possible are completed; public contact names, telephone number and email addresses being particularly useful. Annual reminder emails are issued.

4. Data entered is accepted by the Council 'in good faith'.

5. By joining the database companies agree to being contacted by the Council either in writing or electronically.

6. The Council reserves the right to delete any entry in the Business Directory.

7. Misuse of the Directory by any business will result in removal from the list. Any Business Directory related complaints should be made to

8. Surrey Heath Borough Council do not supply an electronic version of the Directory.


The inclusion of any company name in this directory should not be seen as an endorsement of that company's products and/or services, nor it is a select list of companies that the Council uses.

For further information about the Online Business Directory please email